We’re back again for another installment of “The Den” series.

Taking inspiration from the popular 90’s sitcom, “Moesha”, “The Den” is a 3-Part collaboration series between Akin Worldwide, A nonprofit of young creative revolutionaries and Downtown Newark’s world-renowned Marcus B&P!   


The goal here was to create an interesting social recap of the team’s live experience.

This project breakdown is only highlighting the digital collage recap… If you’re looking for a more in-depth breakdown of the experience, I suggest tapping in with the link below.

Check here for “THE DEN” First Insallment!

My thought process here was trying to cook up some ways to highlight the event but in a quick manner. The campaign objective was to establish visibility and create an organic social media presence for both @akinworldwide and @marcusbpnewark based on the event series… The idea became a digital scrapbook. 


Cardboard paper. Cut-Outs. Glue. Scissors! RIPPED PAGES! CRUMBLED PAGES!!! 


That’s basically the direction and story-telling energy this particular idea was giving. Long story short, it became a nice training session with Photoshop & Premiere to bring the vision to life. Its far from “perfect” but this project was another reminder that things really don’t need to be… Go with your gut when you’re creating. 

Although, it took a couple of hours of work and a couple of cups of tea for 45 seconds of fame, (which is MADNESS) I had a lot of fun putting this digital scrapbook together. I love the feeling I get seeing the reel on playback.

I 100% would do it again.

I ended up sampling some of the lovely Mrs. Baker and doing a live mix afterward for the collage track. (I’m really getting to a special space with that hobby…) I really loved the way the track embodied the vibe of the night… It completes the story of this collage which makes it a home-run for me. 

Very fitting.

OH SH*^! 

Lemme not sit here and forget to credit, one of the main characters in this exploration, Lalea Raymond.

Lalea Raymond is a talented up & coming photographer based out of Jersey City, New Jersey. Shoutout to the superstar of the night, she did a wonderful job of capturing the experience. It’s been wonderful talking with you again but I think its time for another cup of tea… Until the next time we chat.


Tap In with Lea’s Portfolio here!

“The Den” Collage Reel Recap

Soundscape curated by Brwnsagemusic

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