Marcus B&P pays homage to the Swedish concept of “back pocket” (BP), a spot where you can meet your family, friends, or coworkers at the Bar (the “B”) or take home some delicious housemade and local Provisions (the “P”) any day or night of the week.


Akin, is a collective of artists, innovators, and revolutionaries, our goal is to provide a nurturing space where dreams, ideas, and culture can be allowed to thrive and blossom without obstruction and hindrance.

Newark’s Downtown area was in dire need of a Central hub for nightlife. Taking inspiration from the popular 90’s sitcom, “Moesha”, the team came up with “The Den” theme for a monthly fundraising/mixer event series.

The campaign objective was to create a safe space for black and brown creatives, establish visibility for each business and create an organic social media presence for both @akinworldwide and @marcusbpnewark based on the event series.

Along with bringing business to the restaurant & bar, each ticket sold will be donated to Akin, a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to create a safe space for creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners from historically oppressed communities to work, collaborate, cultivate community, and conduct business.

The event itself was an experiential experience that was activated with signage placed throughout the event space. The restaurant provided a Tapa style food menu along with a few custom drink combinations for the night.  We ended up using the POV. app to help complete the activation.

POV.app helps you capture the point of view of everyone at your event. Imagine a digital disposable camera where you can cap the number of photos that each of your guests can take and have the photos revealed the next day!

Marcus B&P Restaurant

“The Den” Logo Assets

“The Den” Social Post & Advertisement

“The Den” Story Reel & Story Advertisement

Soundscape curated by Brwnsagemusic

“The Den” Website Advertisement

“The Den”  Poster Signage [ Activations & Team Manifesto ]

“The Den” Activated Signage

“The Den” Custom Menu & Bar Topper

“The Den” Sticker Sheets &

Custom Wooden Tic Tac Toe Activation by Third & Walnut Co

“The Den” Merchandise

Live Footage from “The Den” 

“The Den” Story Cover & Recap Reel

Soundscape curated by Brwnsagemusic

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