My mother calls me Ian. 

To friends and collaborators, I am more affectionately known as Nomad™. My roots hail from the Caribbean and I was born and raised in New Jersey. 

I am a Graphic Designer with a background in Art Direction who specializes in design, branding and strategy. I enjoy collaboration, team building, and exploring new ways to spread the message. With over a decade of experience, I story-tell through various mediums and help bring brands to life. My main methods of madness are Design, Illustration, and Apparel. When not in front of my computer, I can be found on the basketball court, seeking inspiration in thrift shops, or choppin’ loops on my lovely MPC. 

Currently open to freelance and full-time opportunities.

Email: nomad@lastepiphany.com

"No matter where you look, there is always something to see..." - Unknown