Founded by NBA Legend, Brian Taylor, SOAL U is a start up program who partnered with Ivy league schools to give children from under-developed communities a chance to gain the college experience during the summer. The program’s goal is to train future leaders by fostering SOCIAL CAPITAL through shared, on-campus summer programs to help students build diverse social networks.

SOAL U strives to unite students from diverse socioeconomic, cultural, geographic, and racial backgrounds through shared summer educational experiences at the top universities in the nation in order to develop and prepare the next generation of leaders with the social capital, critical thinking skills, and leadership-building experiences that will prepare them
for our diverse, complex, and technologically driven world.

The SOAL U team was looking to win the hearts of some potential investors but were feeling a bit unenthusiastic with the current look and feel of their deck. I was tasked with figuring out a solution to this problem and help establish a brand voice that would be used towards a new pitch deck and matching website.

Established brand guidelines & tones for SOAL U. 

Created a rebranded pitch deck & website that included the tone and vision of what the SOAL U program really is.

Original SOAL U Pitch Deck

Revamped SOAL U Pitch Deck

SOAL U Rebranded Website

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