GEICO is the official car insurance sponsor of TNF, which means we have exclusive access to the TNF IP and two of their on-air personalities: Ryan Fitzpatrick and Andrew Whitsworth.
In addition to quick-hit tactics (billboards, interstitials, etc) and video placements, GEICO will also be sponsoring a segment called “The Perfect Lineup” that could act as connective tissue across touchpoint.


Contextually relevant TV ads bespoke to the Amazon TNF partnership.

Key Messaging: GEICO makes it easy to cover your entire insurance lineup (Auto + Home).


“It’s easy to GEICO” spots that leverage Ryan Fitzpatrick and Andrew Whitworth in contextually relevant situations.  

Ingredients for a Great Execution

  1. GEICO’s unique brand of relatable, human truth story telling.
  2. Insurance made easy for all your needs
  3. TNF talent in relevant football scenarios

"No matter where you look, there is always something to see..." - Unknown