Artsy Hoodrat is a Digital Media company that highlights creativity amongst inner-city communities with a hyper focus on the youth. Founder, Jhoana Geronimo, birthed Artsy Hoodrat as a love letter to the communities she grew up in. We wanted to celebrate the originality and beauty of urban life; the muse to most, if not all, fashion and forward trends. This was curated as a movement intended to shift perspectives and honor authenticity. 

At our core, we provide opportunities for minorities and marginalized groups alike, to advocate for their artistry via design, photography, videography and fashion. Artsy Hoodrat intends to provide mentorship in the arts for those communities who need it the most. Everything about this brand is by design. There’s intentionality with our aesthetic, aiming to reposition the association of ideologies such as ‘the ghetto’ and ‘hood’. 

Create unified brand kit that matches the look & feel of the brand messages. Deliverables included Logo Design, Merchandise, Social Promos and Brand Website.

AHR Initial Logo Exploration

AHR Final Logo Design

AHR Capsule Collection

AHR Social Promo / Scrapbook Spread

AHR Team Roster Portraits

Shot By: Artsy Hoodrat

AHR Website

"No matter where you look, there is always something to see..." - Unknown